Garlic Cheese Bread

Toasted baguette smothered with a blend of melted cheeses


Warm Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Served with toasted pita points & nacho chips


Deep Fried Pickles

Served with chipotle mayo, garlic aioli


Marinara Dipping Plate

Our new house made spicy marinara oil with fresh parmesan dusted breadsticks


Sweet Potato Fries

Thin cut and crispy, served with our chipotle mayo.



Homemade fries topped with fresh cheese, bacon and spring onions



Traditional pub wings with choice of dry rubbed Cajun honey, honey roasted garlic, mild, medium, hot, bacon marmalade or Dave's suicide


Merchant Nacho Platter

Fresh diced tomato, green onion, banana peppers and tex mex cheese blanket, a single, generous layer of our house fried tortilla chips! Served with salsa and sour cream
Add Cajun chicken, beer battered avocado or nacho beef - $3


Canadian cheese bread

Toasted ciabatta topped with molasses bacon butter, chopped bacon, a blend of four cheeses and drizzled with forty creek


Chicken Tenders

Breaded chicken tenders served with homemade fries and plum dipping sauce



Toasted focaccia bread with garlic pesto, Asiago & Feta cheeses and fresh diced tomato


BBQ Brisket Flatbread

Tender beef brisket and 40 Creek BBQ sauce atop our signature flatbread paired with red onion, sautéed mushrooms, smoked cheddar and finished with avocado drizzle



Thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin seasoned with truffle and olive oils, topped with capers, parsley, red onion and shaved parmesan cheese and served with a garlic crostini.


Merchant Group Munchie Platter

Deep fried pickles, wings, jalapeño poppers, onion rings, waffle fries, 3 rib wings and beer battered mushrooms


Soups & Salads


Guinness Onion Soup

Home made French Onion in a rich beef broth and baked Swiss cheese


Caesar Salad

Served with bacon, shaved Asiago cheese, creamy garlic dressing and toasted crutons


Wedge Salad

A crisp iceberg wedge topped with our homemade creamy poppyseed dressing, crumbled blue cheese, prosciutto and crunchy apple slaw.


Merchant Crunch Salad

A crunchy blend of shredded napa cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, fried rice noodles and cucumber tossed with our house greens and a tangy sesame vinaigrette. All topped off with a teriyaki and sriracha glazed steak


The Hipster

Smoked chicken, orange segments, goat cheese, dry cranberries, candied pecans, quinoa and roasted beets on a baby spring mix in a maple vinaigrette


Carpaccio Salad

Thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin seasoned with truffle and olive oil, served with parsley, red onion, fresh tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms in a lemon arugula salad.


Burgers & Sandwiches


40 Creek Whiskey Burger

Homemade burger patty with whiskey BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli, topped with onion rings served with fresh cut fries house fries
For sweet potato fries add $2


Blue Smoke Burger

A classic merchant burger topped with fresh crumbled blue cheese, smoked bacon, balsamic glazed red onion, arugula and a smoky apple butter


Crosscut Chicken Burger

A crispy chicken breast topped with MacKinnon crosscut ale onion marmalade, bacon, and goat cheese


Widowmaker Burger

Our classic burger topper with chorizo sausage, pickled jalapeño, hot pepper cheese and our killer suicide sauce! Extremely HOT!


Figurehead Burger

Our original burger topped with a bacon marmalade, bacon, cream cheese and fresh jalapeño slices served with lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo.


Buffalo Grinder Wrap

Crispy chicken tenders tossed in a rich butter buffalo sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla with fresh greens, cucumber, diced tomato bacon and red onion, served with blue cheese for dipping


Merchant Steak Sandwich Melt

Sirloin steak grilled to your liking, sliced on grilled flatbread with smoked cheddar and bocconcini, grilled portobello, garlic aioli,  arugula and our signature peppercorn sauce to finish


Atomic Reuben

Fresh, dark rye bread grilled and buttered, topped with a nuclear portion of Montreal smoked meat, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and our housemade reuben sauce


Mediterranean Veggie Wrap

Roasted garlic hummus, tomato, cucumber, mixed greens, feta and sprouts with a sliced veggie patty in a flour tortilla


Lettuce Wrap (gluten free)

Thai mango and chilli chicken lettuce wrap with cauliflower and fried rice.


Merchant Club

Grilled sliced chicken, Montreal smoked meat, lettuce, tomato, red onion and avocado with garlic aioli on ciabatta bread.


French Dip

Thinly shaved rosemary and garlic roasted beef topped with Swiss cheese and a roasted onion chutney on a classic french roll, served with a rich beef au jus for dipping.


Main Courses


Merchant's Fish & Chips

Haddock fish coated in our famous beer batter served with house fries & tartar sauce

$14.95 - 1pc | $18.95 - 2pc

Taphouse Tacos

Not to be missed, these nacho pulled pork tacos are the best! Served with citrus slaw, cilantro-lime sour cream, salsa, tex mex rice... a perfect match to your favourite patio beverage!


Atlantic Salmon

Fresh grilled Salmon fillet topped with tropical fruit salsa served with almond rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables


Braised Beef Ribs

Tender, thick cut beef short ribs (8 ounce) braised in root beer, served with grilled fennel, seasonal vegetables and roasted garlic mashed potatoes


Sirloin Steak

Sirloin steak with Bearnaise sauce and a zucchini salsa served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs, house made with marinara and garlic bread wedge


Chef Jess' Mac and Cheese

Bacon, deep fried pickle pieces into the creamiest mac and cheese topped with potato chip crumble


(Vegetarian) Sweet Potato Curry

A savoury zesty red curry with chickpeas, stewed sweet potato and asian vegetables on a bed of fried boo chop and basmati rice.



Heirloom Pizza

Sliced heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives and basil, on roasted garlic butter with fresh mozzarella and goats cheese, drizzled with grainy mustard oil.


The Hero Pizza

Shaved capicolla, sliced red onion and green pepper on a base of our marinara dip and shredded mozzarella, italian herbs and spinach, drizzled with a classic hero vinaigrette.


Sweet Heat Pizza

Crumbled chorizo, bacon, grilled pineapple, banana peppers, red onion and our 4 cheese blend on a zesty marinara base.


Texan Pizza

Pepperoni, bacon and braised brisket topped with mozzarella and cheddar with spicy marinara sauce and a drizzle of forty creek whiskey bbq sauce.




{ Draft Beer }


Canadian, Coors Light, Budweiser, Old Style Pilsner


 Moosehead Pale Ale, Coors Banquet,  Rickards Red, Keiths IPA, Moosehead Lager, Shock Top 


Heineken, Kronenbourg Blanc, Brickworks Cider, Angry Orchard Cider, Kronenbourg Rouge, Guinness


Creemore Premium Lager, Creemore Lot 9 Pilsner, Lagunitas IPA, MacKinnon Crosscut Ale, Hops & Botls, Hop City Barking Squirrel, Mill Street Organic, Wolfe island Cannonball

{ Bottled Beer }


Coors Light, Export, Canadian, Budweiser, Bud Light


Steam Whistle, Beau's Lug Tread - 600ml, Smithhavens Belgian Pale Ale - 473 $8

Tall Cans

Coors Light, Miller Lite, Bud Light, Rickards Radler, Cracked Canoe, Coors Banquet, Red Stripe, Old Style Pilsner, Carlsberg, Mad & Noisy Lagered Ale, Canadian, Bud Light Lime, Molson 67, Creemore Lot 9, Moosehead, Wolfe Island Out For A Rip, Skeleton Park Amber


Heineken, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg Blanc, Corona, Steam Whistle


{ Non-Alcoholic }


Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • 7up • Ginger Ale • Soda • Tonic


Cranberry • Orange • Apple • Pineapple • Grapefruit • Tomato • Iced Tea

Red Bull

Original & Sugar Free

Coffee or Tea


Dasani Water Bottle

Sparkling Water

Shirley Temple or Virgin Caesar

{ Spirits }

Single Malt Scotch

Glenfiddich 12yr,  Glenfiddich 18yr, Glenlivet 12yr, Glenlivet 15yr, Oban 14yr, Balvenie 12yr, Taliskers 10yr,  Dalwhinnie 15yr, Laphroaig 10yr, Cardhu 12yr, Macallan Gold

Blended Scotch

J Walker Black,  J Walker Red, Dewers White, J & B, Grant’s

Canadian Whiskey

Wisers Special, Wisers Deluxe, Wisers 18, Crown Royal, Canadian Club, 40 Creek, Wayne Gretzky


Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Bulleitt, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, JD Honey,  Woodford, Buffalo Trace

Irish Whiskey

Bushmills,  Bush Black, Jamesons


Crystal Head, Polar Ice, Ketel One, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya, Flavoured Vodkas, Cîroc Peach, Cîroc Red Berry, Titos, Top Shelf


Bacardi Anejo, Bacardi Superior, Kraken, Mount Gay, Appleton, Lambs White, Havana 7, Havana White, Captain Spiced


Olmeca Gold, Cabo Wabo, Patron Gold, Patron Silver, 1800 Silver, Jose Cuervo Gold,  Eljimador Blanco, Eljimador Reposado, Cazedores Anejo, Don Julio


Beefeater, Bombay, Tanqueray, Hendricks, Top Shelf


Remy VS, Hennessey, Courvoisier,  St. Remy VSOP

{ Coolers }


Twisted Tea, Mikes Hard Lemonade, Mikes Hard Cran, Palm Bay, Smirnoff Ice, Wild Berry Cooler

{ 60oz Sangria Pitcher }

60oz Sangria Pitcher

Red Sangria - brandy, rum, triple sec, juices, ginger ale and red wine
White Sangria - brandy, rum, triple sec, juices, ginger ale and white wine
Cider Sangria - cognac, soda, cider and cranberry

{ Red Wine }

Ghost Pines

Merlot (California)


Pinot Noir (California)

Barefoot Cellars

Merlot (California)


Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

Alamos Malbec

Malbec (Argentina)

Apothic Red

Blend (California)

Jacob’s Creek (House)

Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

{ White Wine }


Chardonnay (California)


Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Barefoot Cellar

Pinot Grigio (Califronia)

Gallo Family

White Zinfandel

Apothic White

Blend (California)



All domestic pints $5.10 plus tax.



Tallboy Tuesday - all tallboy cans of selected beer are $5.10 plus tax.  2 for 1 lunch from 12pm-2pm.



Try any entree for $12.99 plus tax, from 5-8pm.



Jack Daniels and Steak Night - 8 ounce striploin steak and fries from 12-8pm (while quantities last) $12.99 plus tax.  Select shots of Jack Daniel's $4 plus tax.

$7 tax in pints of Lot 9 and Creemore.

Smitty live at 9:30pm

Friday & Saturday Night

Come enjoy live music with some of Canada's top up and coming bands!


Wing night! 75 cents each.  Jameson Shots $4 plus tax.  Pitchers of Domestic Beer $12.50 plus tax.